Sheet metal processing


High precision and skilled operators

Modul has a machine park that has grown and continues to grow. We strive to develop and refine the manufacturing methods of today and place great importance on maintaining and investing in modern equipment. We want to offer our customers a modern machine park with innovative, durable, resource-efficient, and production-efficient solutions. Our sheet metal facility has both manual and automated and robotic processes, and our skilled operators work with high precision to ensure each product's quality requirements are met. With a punching machine, fiber laser, automatic panel bender, automatic press brake, several manual press brakes as well as manual welding and welding and grinding robots, we have the ability to efficiently cut, shape, bend, and merge materials. The sheet metal facility also has a drum rolling machine and machines for riveting.

Metal, especially steel, is the most recycled material in the world today. As a contract manufacturer of sheet metal products, we are resourceful of the metal material we use  and go full-circle where leftover material is sent back for recycling to make new metal.

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