One problem - a thousand possibilities

Since its inception, Modul has been inspired to solve technical problems in production - which we have largely succeeded in and which have contributed to our success. We aspire for a future with many exciting collaborations that spur us on to continue developing our company.

Två medarbetare pratar med varandra

From idea to finished product

Our production is led by customer orders and ensuring components are stocked up. We work with short delivery times where the turnaround time is normally four weeks.

Our expertise is in demand by many other companies, where we, as a full contract manufacturer for sheet metal products, help our customers from idea to design, construction, production, painting, assembly, packaging and logistics.

We offer a "from idea to finished product" concept.

"We help others do things smarter" 

Packning av leverans

A safe and reliable partner

We are quality conscious and often exceed our customers' expectations. We target companies that need a combination of product development and production and provide value in solutions and fulfilled expectations, knowledge, trust, security, and flexibility.

What makes us unique is the combination of product development and production as well as our machinery and complete solutions.

Modul is the obvious choice for product-owning companies with a need for a premium contract manufacturer for sheet metal products.

Grundarna Kenneth och Olle

From Modulsystem to Modul

Kenneth Andersson and Jan-Olov Daniels started the company in 1997 in Kalix. At the time, we only manufactured solutions for wet rooms, but the company expanded over time and now develop and manufacture consumer-ready parts from sheet metal.

Even though the company was previously marketed as Modulsystem, we have always been called Modul, which is what our employees and customers use when referring to us. Therefore, we have taken another step in our evolution and although the company is still called Modulsystem i Kalix AB, we have worked under the Modul brand since 2015.

Arbete med Bystronic kantpress

Quality and Environment

Modul values quality in our operations and processes. To ensure that we meet our goals in terms of quality as well as the environment, we have certified ourselves according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Would you like to realize your idea? We can help!

Would you like to realize your idea? We can help!

Modul takes on everything from creating a product from an idea to further developing an existing product - and it almost always turns out better than you imagined!